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Christyal Rood has been creating art since a young girl. She began with homemade birthday cards and making t-shirts with fabic paint. A creator is what she always wanted to be. An artist she was once afraid to call herself. Rood learned that anyone who creates is an artist, and we all have an audience of people which needs to be inspired and encouraged through our given avenue of creation.

Rood is a writer who just recently became a published author. She also creatively expresses through painting and photography. Rood’s work is an outpour of her heart’s love and pain. She strives for her art to exemplify real life struggles and joys. Her belief is we all are hurting from something and need a reminder that we are not the only ones facing struggles. Rood seeks to maintain a refreshing, encouraging, and raw feel in her art. She's constantly reminded that, “If your art doesn't make you uncomfortable, you're not going deep enough.”

Author unknown.

Rood was called to create, and if you're an artist, you were too! Be bold enough to share it with the universe!