Creative Christ


Haunted Images

Haunted images,
nurturing future visions
of past mistakes and love affairs that ushered the four chambered walls into Code Blue.
Injections injected into ventricles through the body, unaware of the wear and tear cutting oxygen from arteries.
Leaving side effects of paranoia.
They wonder if this is genetic, a chemical imbalance, or ignited by trauma.
Trusting only what she can see through a distorted mirage of imagery.
Waking up in cold sweats nightly.
For she’s the author of this dream.
Terror is her way of functioning,
a reality she’s overpowering with suppression, that’s leading her into a perfect hallucination.
Suffocating in feels that aren’t real.
So they say…
“Get over it, you’re okay.”
You know, the lovely critics, critiquing ignorantly...
They say if you or I take a prescribed pill then we’re messed up mentally.
Marginalized as
Highly paranoid,
Highly unstable...
Acting as if the thought of suicide only has to be for someone who is classified as mentally ill.
Mentally institutionalizing us because of what the medic said.
Diagnoses made, now we’re stigmatized by society’s lies.
A misfit in the world’s eyes, because treatment is publicly known and a doctor chooses to label us based on a practice that they’re practicing.
Would things be different if we, too, self medicated on our own?
Would we be less prone to the stigma if we handled our “crazy” behind closed doors in our homes.
Yes I said crazy, because that's what others say. However the only difference between you and me, us and them, you and him, is you may not have the same thoughts everyday. But you have them and they are real.
We all think things that make us feel uncomfortable.
I wonder if things would be different if we weren't marginalized as mental?
We all experience a breakdown in the psyche at some point or another. There’s levels to it but, because you don't understand it, I must be rejected and classified as insane or deranged.
Have you ever thought about the possibility that I may be gifted, seeing things you can't see?
Never mind, I may be getting too deep spiritually.
I think you get the point though. We all deal with things that we all handle differently.
I, we, she, he, shouldn't be casted out because of the things we see, feel, or hear mentally.
We are all striving for mental sanity.

Christyal Rood