Creative Christ


The Experience

I had the most exhilarating, freeing time of my entire life the two weeks I was in Barbados. Staying with an amazing soul, Aunt Renee (who is Bajan at heart) and a born and raised Jamacian, Aunt Joy was absolutely epic! Being immersed in nature and a culture where love is the first language was invigorating. Eating Bajan food while being taught how to make Jamaican food was the DOPEST! Constantly being encouraged and inspired through simple yet profound conversations with random people brought joy to my heart. Waking up to a calm crisp breeze, roosters crowing, the sound of the cars driving by and calypso music playing on someone's loudspeaker was peace to me. Often, I was asked if I was Bajan because reggae music and calypso would instantly cause me to go into a trance as my body swayed to the island beat so freely and effortlessly. Watching every promised sunset as the waves caressed my toes was enlightening. 
Being hand delivered bread, fruit, ackee and coconuts by a fine gentleman was lovely.  I was free to be me in every way without a single need to feel as if I had to put up a facade of any sort. Being free to be me allowed me to realize I found a place to call home...a place where the atmosphere was so rich that the need and desire for “things” ceased in every way. I learned what it meant to be whole and to truly be present in the now. 
Barbados fed my soul in ways I never new was possible! A very special thanks to a PHENOMENAL woman, Aunt / Mama Renee for blessing me with such a life-altering experience.

Christyal Rood